Dr. McBryar as a Fellow of COVD

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What Does it Mean to be a Fellow of COVD?

Fellows of COVD (College of Optometrists in Vision Development) are doctors of optometry, meaning that they’ve completed their four years of optometry school and gotten their doctorate degrees. What makes COVD fellows unique, however, is that they have chosen to specialize after graduation, and to go through fellowship certification. This entails a lengthy and extensive board certification process in vision therapy and vision development.

Those going through the fellowship process must complete a number of written case reports and assignments, in addition to passing both a written and oral exam. All of this is done under the guidance of one of the prospective fellows’ peers, and their colleagues.

Why this matters

Those who go through this process are not simply trying to get certification for the sake of it. The COVD fellowship program emphasizes the learning process for the doctors involved, with a focus on practical experience, and working under a more experienced mentor. This equips them with a higher level of knowledge than they could have gained from simply working on their own. They thus make them better able to treat patients, and to provide the best possible care.

Additionally, once a doctor becomes a fellow, their vision therapists are able to become board certified as well, becoming a COVT (Certified Optometric Vision Therapist,) and they work directly under a COVD fellow. The certification process for becoming a COVT also entails a process of writing questions and cases, and passing written and an oral exam over a period of at least two years. This provides the therapists with a much higher level of knowledge, via increased practical experience and mentorship, and enables them to provide an even higher quality of care for their patients.
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