Eyelid Laceration

If you have a cut or laceration on your eyelid, it is important to understand what needs to be done in order to prevent further damage.

Eyelid Laceration in Olympia


The main function of the eyelids is to protect your eyes from foreign particles and dryness. If you get a cut or laceration on your eyelid, it could be very painful and it is important to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor right away. The eye doctor will monitor the extent of the damage and will recommend the best treatment plan. If the eyelid is not treated in time it can lead to various serious complications which can be avoided if you get it checked out right away. It is important for the eye doctor to be able to check if other parts of the eye got damaged in the injury as well.

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When to See the Optometrist

If you or a loved one has a cut on their eyelid, please schedule an appointment at our office right away to receive the proper treatment and to avoid long term damage. Oftentimes, cuts on the eyelid can heal on their own but it’s essential to be checked by an eye doctor to avoid complications. We’ll do everything we can to fit you in, but if there isn’t an appointment available, we will guide you to the next best walk-in urgent care center. If you have a deep cut on your eyelid and you’re concerned about your eyesight, we might recommend that you go to the emergency room.


If the eyelid has been scratched, the pupil or iris can also get scratched, especially if the injury happened while you were wearing your contact lenses. If the cut on the eyelid occurs towards the inner side of the eye, then it could have also damaged the tear ducts. Such injuries are more likely to happen among children. Treatment is needed to ensure that the eyelids and tear ducts keep functioning properly. 



If your eyelid laceration is small, you may not require any treatment and it can heal on its own, but it is still important to be monitored by an eye doctor. If the laceration is deep or severe, getting immediate medical attention from an eye doctor is the best course of action. The specialist will examine the eyelid and ensure that the rest of the eye is safe. The eye doctor will check for any foreign bodies and will check that the cornea has not been damaged. Your tear ducts will also be checked and if any other damage occured in addition to the cut on the eyelid, the eye doctor will provide the proper treatment plan. There are cases when a laceration on the eyelid requires stitches.



Even though everyone takes precautions to stay safe, accidents still happen. Eyelid lacerations can happen at a hazardous workplace, while playing sports, or engaging in any activity that has the potential to harm your eye. If you forget to wear your protective eyewear, eyelid lacerations can easily happen. Taking the necessary precautions to do your best to avoid harm to your eyes and to wear the proper protective gear can help you reduce the risks of eyelid lacerations with much ease. 

Common Questions

The course of treatment for the eyelid laceration primarily depends on the cause of the injury, its nature and how severe the cut is. In case the cut on the eyelid was not very severe, then the wound would probably just be cleaned and disinfected before you are sent home. The eye doctor would also make sure that the bleeding has stopped and did not cause any damage to the eye. It is critical to follow the course of action prescribed by your doctor. Routine dressing of the eyelid wound and proper care must be taken to ensure healthy healing. With a deep laceration, stitches may be the best treatment plan to ensure proper healing and to prevent further damage. Many cuts can heal on their own, but it’s crucial to be checked by an eye doctor who can decide on the best plan of action and ensure healthy healing.
Accidents happen, but we can do what we can to protect our eyelids and eyes. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and the potential hazards that can cause damage to your eyes. It’s recommended to try, if possible, to avoid possible harm to your eyes. However, if you are going to engage in an activity that could cause damage to your eyes and/or eyelids, it’s important to wear the proper protective gear which can prevent so many injuries.
Eyelid Laceration
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If you or a loved one has a cut on your eyelid, it’s very important to be checked by your optometrist who can diagnose and treat it. Please schedule an appointment at our office and if for some reason, it is not possible to fit you in, we will guide you with the next best steps and recommend where you can go to be checked right away.

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