Research Category: Low Vision

Small-incision manual extracapsular cataract surgery in Ghana, West Africa Copy

Outcome of cataract surgery at one year in Kenya, the Philippines and Bangladesh Copy

Field Expansion for Homonymous Hemianopia by Optically Induced Peripheral Exotropia

The Effect of Central Vision Loss on Perception of Mutual Gaze

Cumulative Meta-analysis of the Relationship Between Useful Field of View and Driving Performance in Older Adults: Current and Future Implications

The Effects of Hemianopia on Perception of Mutual Gaze

Volume Perimetry Measurement in Depth of Visual Field Loss

Reliability and Validity of the Melbourne Edge Test and High/Low Contrast Visual Acuity Chart

The Role of Retinal Adaptation in Night Driving

Measuring Low Vision Service Outcomes: Rasch Analysis of the Seven-Item National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire

Visual Field Size Criteria for Mobility Rehabilitation Referral

Comparison of Scoring Approaches for the NEI VFQ-25 in Low Vision

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