Research Category: Macular Degeneration

The Effect of Central Vision Loss on Perception of Mutual Gaze

The Role of Retinal Adaptation in Night Driving

Use of Prescribed Optical Devices in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Does Central Vision Loss Impair Visual Search Performance of Adults More than Children?

Preferred Retinal Locus and Reading Rate with Four Dynamic Text Presentation Formats

Reading With Central Scotomas: Is There a Binocular Gain?

Does a Line Guide Improve Reading Performance with Stand Magnifiers?

Clinical Impairment Measures and Reading Performance in a Large Age-Related Macular Degeneration Group

Do Reading Additions Improve Reading in Pre-presbyopes with Low Vision?

Increased Word Spacing Improves Performance for Reading Scrolling Text with Central Vision Loss

Scotoma Visibility and Reading Rate with Bilateral Central Scotomas

Effectiveness of the Apple iPad as a Spot-reading Magnifier

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