Research Category: Routine EyeCare

A Survey of Clinical Prescribing Philosophies for Hyperopia

Management of Childhood Hyperopia: A Pediatric Optometrist's Perspective

Hyperopia and Emergent Literacy of Young Children: Pilot Study

Longitudinal Study of Visual Discomfort Symptoms in College Students

Is the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Valid for Use in Preschool Children with Refractive Errors?

Brimonidine Ophthalmic Solution 0.025% for Reduction of Ocular Redness: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Can the Farnsworth D15 Color Vision Test Be Defeated through Practice?

The ‘20/20/20 Rule’ – When Good Intentions and Axiomatic Habit Displace Best Practices

Randomized Crossover Trial of Silicone Hydrogel Presbyopic Contact Lenses

Small Text on Product Labels Poses a Special Challenge for Emerging Presbyopes

Evaluation of Reading Speed and Contrast Sensitivity in Dry Eye Disease

Impact of Dry Eye on Prolonged Reading

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