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Effect of Amblyopia on Self-Esteem in Children

The scientific basis for and efficacy of optometric vision therapy in nonstrabismic accommodative and vergence disorders

The Scientific Basis For And Efficacy Of Optometric Vision Therapy In Nonstrabismic Accommodative And Vergence Disorders (AOA)*

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Environment: What Primary Care Providers Say About Pre-School Vision Screening

Relationship between Binocular Vision, Visual Acuity, and Fine Motor Skills

Randot Stereoacuity Does Not Accurately Predict Ability to Perform Two Practical Tests of Depth Perception at a Near Distance

Is the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Valid for Use in Preschool Children with Refractive Errors?

Peripheral Prism Glasses Effects of Dominance, Suppression, and Background

Exploring Pre-school Vision Screening in Primary Care Offices in Alabama

Visual Fatigue and Accommodative Dynamics in Asymptomatic Individuals

Amblyopia in Astigmatic Infants and Toddlers

Relationship between Vision and Visual Perception in Hong Kong Preschoolers

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