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Scheiman M, Kulp MT, Cotter SA, Lawrenson JG, Wang L, Li T

Interventions for convergence insufficiency: a network meta-analysis

publication date
12, 2020
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Convergence insufficiency is a common binocular vision disorder in which the eyes have a strong tendency to driFT outward (exophoria)

with difficulty turning the eyes inward when reading or doing close work.



To assess the comparative effectiveness and relative ranking of non-surgical interventions for convergence insufficiency through a

systematic review and network meta-analysis (NMA).


Current research suggests that office-based vergence/accommodative therapy with home reinforcement is more effective than home based pencil/target push-ups or home-based computer vergence/accommodative therapy for children. In adults, evidence of the

effectiveness of various non-surgical interventions is less clear

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